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Classical guitar strings

CLASSIC N Superlona (CR/CF): Heavy duty nylon strings, with a choice of two styles of basses (E, A, D): either silver plated copper roundwound (CR127), or chrome steel flatwound (CF127). Classic N strings are easy to play, and represent an excellent value in a student or practice string. CF128 has a wound G-3rd. CR128 hybrid set contains a high density synthetic fiber G-string.

Classic S Rope Core (KF): String Set for Classical Guitar

  • Exceptional steel string alternative for concert, finger style and folk guitarists
  • Gauge: Medium tension
  • String material treble strings: Nylon tape on Rope core
  • String material bass strings (core): Rope core
  • String material bass strings (winding): Silver plated copper
  • Winding type: Flat wound
  • Hand made in Austria

Classical guitar hybrid strings CRK: The new Classic Guitar strings offer brilliance and power, like carbon strings but also a full, warm sound you usually get from nylon strings. They wow with immediate attack and translate every impulse from your fingers. The new, revolutionary carbon-nylon hybrid material designed by Thomastik-lnfeld makes it possible. CRK-MT is medium tension, CRK-HT is hard tension.

Classical guitar strings

  • Classic S, Classic N: Full technical details here

    Classic CRK: Full technical details here


    Please note- some versions are to order only. Just ask!

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