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Drum/cymbals gig bags

Snare: Inside, the Snare Case is instantly adjustable to create a custom fit for your weapon of choice. Outside, the steel riveted handle, industrial rubber sole, water-resistant outer shell and neoprene padded shoulder strap make this one rugged carry-on. 14"x7" max

Double pedal case: Whether you're a single or double pedal player, the M80 Double Pedal Case makes travel seamless. Super light weight with smart features and bomb-proof construction. Drummers wanted. 16" x 13" x 7". 

24' cymbal case: There's nothing worse than that sound - you know, the sound you hear when you set your cymbal bag down a little too hard on the concrete. Yeah. No more. The Cymbal Case features The Boot™ - a contoured ABS panel that keeps all of your cymbals centered and resting above the thick base padding. Also for 22"

Studio stick case: Whether you need a stack of 5Bs to plow through your set or a range of sticks for versatility, the Studio Stick Case keeps you armed and dangerous. A slim profile packing smart features, and rugged materials that feel as good as they look. Take it everywhere. You never know when your services might be needed.

Shogun stick case: Whether you wear it or stash it in your suitcase, the Shogun Stick Case allows you to travel light without ever missing an opportunity to play. Well appointed with rugged materials, the Shogun is a stealthy top-opening stick case that fits just the essentials - a couple of pairs. Designed to hang off of a floor tom or stand, and built to withstand the most intense urban environments.

Drum/cymbals gig bags


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