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Electric guitar strings

Blues Sliders (SL): Round wound nickel with a silk inlay (E, A, d) for a big “round” tone. Even-order harmonics are reinforced for a smooth, velvety sound reminiscent of vintage electric blues and R&B. Overdrive your amp a little and listen to them sing! Blues sliders are also perfect for classic rock, rocka­billy and country.

Power-brights (PB): Round wound Magnecore alloy on a flexible hexcore for a bright aggressive tone, extra long sustain and reduced playing effort. Designed to enhance harmonics and percussive effects like tapping. High output plus a boost in the high frequencies drive effects to their limits. POWER-BRIGHTS love distortion! Also available with heavy bottom strings- please ask!

Infeld electric (IN): INFELD guitar strings with superalloy™ wrap wire deliver bright, cutting tone – and they measurably produce more power than other strings. And higher gain means a better signal-to-noise ratio. INFELD guitar strings are also perfect for heavy effects users, or for long signal paths where dropoff could be a problem.

Electric guitar strings

  • Full technical details- See all string gauges, tensions, etc-  here


    Please note- some versions are to order only. Just ask!

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