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Electric guitar gig bags

Stealth-Traveling with your guitar shouldn’t be weighing you down, and that’s where the Stealth Electric Guitar Case charms and surprises. Its lightweight and sleeve-like attributes give you added mobility as soon as you wear the case, and that comes without compromising on the protection and the storage of your guitar. The Stealth Electric Guitar Case maintains the essential Headlock™ neck suspension system and is equipped with internal EVA padding for your guitar to rest its weight on.

Sleeve- Like the Vertigo, the Sleeve Electric Guitar Case is Top-Loading™ for quick, stand-up access. Its design allows you to quickly unzip the case and pull your guitar out from the top. This is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case. Once unzipped, the case naturally opens out and to the right. No need to lay the case down on the floor. Easy access.

Vertigo- Combining manufacturing methods from military, footwear and extreme outdoor industries, the Vertigo represents not only superior guitar protection, but a technological advancement in luggage design. The Vertigo is light, fast, sleek and rugged. Thanks to some serious design, traveling with a guitar has never been this fun. Also available for semi-hollow electric/jazz guitars.

Dual- A second guitar is a must-have on stage or in the studio. But in transit, carrying two guitars has always been a necessary evil. We set out to design an elegant solution to this problem. Our driving criteria was to offer each guitar the same protection as our single M80 hybrid case. After a year of prototyping, the Z-form™ design was perfected (patents pending). The end result is an incredibly light weight, extremely rugged Classic Dual Electric Guitar Case. A first of its kind. Go play. 

Electric guitar gig bags

  • Further details at Mono's web page here

  • There are 3 options from Mono cases (40.6cm width by 55.8cm body length):

    • A dedicated Vertigo case, Tick-compatible
    • The Acoustic (Dreadnought) guitar Sleeve, your lowest cost option
    • The dual Acoustic/Electric M80 Classic guitar case (335-style plus a standard electric), Tick-compatible. Available from the Acoustic gigbag section.


    Please check your guitar body dimensions first, or ask us!


Choose from all the options to see a final price!

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