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Guardian guitar stands

Guardian 5 e-guitar stand-The Guardian securely holds up to 5 electric or bass guitars, saving space. Specially adjusted and cushioned instrument supports and the flexible protective arms provide a secure grip. The Guardian is easy to transport and carry thanks to an innovative folding mechanism. It can be stored in an upright position. The individual upper support brackets with integrated pick holders allow the guitars to be placed either on the right or left side, and also ensure that the guitar strings are not touched. For mobile use castors can be mounted optionally. The translucent (colorless) elements made of high quality Elastomer plastic are suitable for all kind of guitar lacquers, including nitro lacquer. Discoloration from the stand to the guitar does not occur. 688 x 335 mm, 3.96 kg.

Guardian 5 a-guitar stand- as above but can hold acoustic, electric, bass in any combination. 996 x 335 mm, 4.6 kg.

Guardian 3 a-guitar stand- as above, for 3 acoustic, electric, bass guitars. 626 x 335 mm, 3.5kg. 

Guardian 3+1- Holds 3 electric/bass guitars plus one acoustic guitar. 626 x 335 mm, 3.7kg.

Guardian guitar stands


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